Fossil-fuels are gradually giving way to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Both on and offshore, bigblu has been at the forefront of ensuring that solar, wind and hydro-electric facilities are provided with secure and resilient communications for a variety of purposes including the monitoring output, and the reporting of faults. Reliable connectivity is vital to the effective management of renewable energy installations, and our technology has been indispensable in helping clean energy to establish itself as a viable replacement for outgoing carbon-based facilities.

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Providing Satellite Internet to Solar Farms and Battery Storage facilities

bigblu are proud to partner with Loxton Consultancy Ltd., a leading UK provider of Telecom, Compliance, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services.

Loxton Consultancy have deep expertise in the communications needs of renewable energy installations. To date they have delivered over 400 bigblu satellite systems into solar farms and battery storage facilities, often in remote locations. These allow the monitoring of energy output, support security systems, and provide failover services to support real-time energy trading. Satellite broadband is favoured in the renewables sector due to a number of factors, including its high level of reliability and competitive pricing.

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