Release your router! Top tips for improving your Wi-Fi connection

10th August 2018

It’s time to release that router. Granted, they’re a bit more curate’s egg than Faberge egg but keeping them hidden away like those Air Supply LPs tucked under the bed is not the way to Wi-Fi wonderment.

So, slip on Making Love Out of Nothing At All and start making Wi-Fi waves where before there was only swell. Like the caged nightingale, your router needs to be set free, to live in the open, free from as many walls as possible and any other obstructions. Make it feel like it’s one of the family and not a distant cousin to be ashamed of.

Choose a location that is in close proximity to where your most likely to want to connect to your bigblu broadband. If that place happens to lack a decent flat surface, do not compromise: either buy yourself something suitable or use a mounting bracket to attach it to the closest support. As with a solar panel, location is everything.

If your router has antennas then make sure they stand tall and proud like a Sandhurst recruit on parade. Like a flower child of the sixties, it’s best for your router to be as high as possible. And just like a 1990s Tony Blair, it should occupy as central a position as possible to give you the best possible coverage.

I know that sometimes we can be restricted – by your phone socket, for example (unless you’re a bigblu fixed wireless customer) – based on where the internet connection enters our homes and connects to your modem. If you’re confined in this way, I’d recommend investing in some longer Ethernet cables and perhaps a couple of cable clips to keep the cable neat and tight against the wall.

So, to recap, to get the best out of your bigblu broadband with the least effort treat your router like: a Faberge egg; an Air Supply LP; a freed nightingale; a member of the family; a solar panel; a Sandhurst recruit, a sixties hippy; and, finally, 1990s Tony Blair.