bigblu specialise in the delivery of KA frequency satellite services which is cost effective, high speed and deployed for data, video & audio contribution. These services are used by Corporates, Broadcasters, Military and Emergency Services.  bigblu is part of Eutelsat, the largest operator of satellites in Europe.

Our products are defined by title, News Spotter is the dedicated 1:1 Broadcast Service with speeds up to 10 Mbps @ 1:1 either simplex or duplex depending on the user requirement. Alongside News Spotter, is a parallel (contended) service called ‘best efforts’ which delivers contended bandwidth up to 30 Mbps downlink and up to 6 Mbps uplink.

Both these services are ‘beamless’. This means the user can freely travel in the UK, Europe, sections of North Africa and the UAE (licenses permitting) and immediately be ‘on air’. This is typically deployed by news-gathering organisations, military and emergency services.

News Spotter and Best Efforts are ‘pay as you go’ services, so there are no costs when not deployed.  Additionally, bigblu offer routing and handoff via London Telehouse North and can arrange for a customer to deploy equipment (co-Location) in the racks at London Telehouse.  This typically is offered for users wanting to operate MPLS extension or a VPN.  Private Network options are also available, routing traffic via dual fibre from the Teleports, this delivers additional security.

The contended services are called ‘Pro Services’, offering speeds up to 50 Mbps Downlink and 10 Mbps Uplink, volume packages are available from 2 GB’s per month to 500 Gb’s per month.  The minimum period can be as little as 4 weeks.  These services are typically used for data, VoIP, web browsing and on occasions low speed video uplink to the web.

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