Satellite Broadband

About Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband has changed. Thanks to new technologies bigblu can deliver faster speeds, better value and more data than ever before. Making satellite the ideal solution for areas where fibre broadband either isn’t available or where it is slow and unreliable.

All of our packages come with unlimited data, no upfront equipment costs and superfast speeds. And with 100% nationwide coverage bigblu goes where others don’t.

Speed And Congestion

Unlike other providers, we promise never to turn off your connection, even when you have reached your data allowance.

What this means is that when the network is not busy and even if you’ve used up your Priority Data Allowance, nothing will happen to your service. During busy times you may experience a drop in service which will result in slower speeds. Web pages and videos may respond and load more slowly than usual.

We monitor average speeds on a monthly basis using the ASA’s methodology (used by all the major internet service providers) the findings are shown below.

Average speeds for non-prioritised data during peak times were obtained between 9th and 15th June 2019.

Package Name

Average Speed (Priority Data)

Average Speed (Non-Priority Data)


12 Mbps

7.8 Mbps


21 Mbps

9.8 Mbps


36 Mbps

10.1 Mbps



All plans include

  • Risk free connection
  • Maximum coverage
  • Free support
  • Price promise

Our Packages

Konnect Bronze Unlimited

Konnect Bronze Unlimited

Ideal for light internet usage like web browsing, emails, an hour a day of Skype or Facetime and a Standard Quality (SD) movie a week.

12Mbps Average Speed

Only £24.99/mo

10GB Priority Data Allowance

Unlimited usage (no data caps)

Wired modem at £2.50 a month

£49.99 activation fee

£49.99 (optional) standard installation

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Konnect Silver Unlimited

Konnect Silver Unlimited

Our most popular package. Suitable for families with multiple devices and frequent viewing of online videos through sites like YouTube and Netflix.

21Mbps Average Speed

Only £39.99/mo

50GB Priority Data Allowance

Unlimited usage (no data caps)

Modem/Wi-fi router at £5.00 per month

£49.99 activation fee

£49.99 (optional) standard installation

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Konnect gold unlimited

Konnect gold unlimited

For heavy users who use a superfast connection for High Quality (HD) video through multiple devices.

36Mbps Average Speed

Only £69.99/mo

100GB Priority Data Allowance

Unlimited usage (no data caps)

Modem/Wi-fi router at £5.00 per month

£49.99 activation fee

£49.99 (optional) standard installation

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Why Choose bigblu?

‘We live off grid on a remote welsh island but satellite broadband from bigblu has enabled us to be on grid in terms of comms” Bear Grylls

icon of Peace of mind

Peace of mind

14 days risk-free guarantee.

icon of Nationwide coverage

Nationwide coverage

Our range of technologies mean we can connect where others can’t.



Reliable network of engineers to help you get up and running.



Find our packages lower elsewhere and we’ll match – guaranteed.



BDUK are offering subsidies if you can’t get fibre.



Over 10 years experience connecting customers around the world to superfast broadband.

Who We Are

We are the connectors. We are an international AIM listed company connecting people, businesses and professionals to high-speed internet access in hard to reach places. We are on a mission to connect the unconnected. We believe that better connections open up unlimited opportunities and we partner with like-minded people and use advanced technologies to deliver lightning-fast connectivity from the sky.

We challenge convention and work tirelessly to go beyond, bridging the digital divide, ensuring that our customers around the planet can depend on us to get the connection they deserve and in turn access to the things that matter most.

bigblu. Get connected.