Bigblu and Fox: the perfect Royal Wedding match

21st May 2018

Bigblu, Fox News and Bell Media proved to be the perfect match to make sure north America didn’t miss a moment of the Royal Wedding.

Bigblu, with the assistance of Ron Kennedy from ‘NewSplash’ and additional crew from TVS-UK, delivered extensive KA Broadcast services to the American and Canadian broadcasters. This was in addition to the general news services already provided to our KA Sat News Service providers deployed at Windsor.

The Berkshire town was so laden with WiFi interference, highly contended 4G and many, many camera crews that, after testing the radio spectrum was deemed so full that we decided to run Cat 5 up the high street to the DeJero units, which the teams had brought with them. The broadcasting proved an unqualified success pushing the booked speeds with latency running at around two seconds after encoding. The broadcasts included interviews, rehearsals, and of course, the event itself.

The entire project was put together by bigblu and technical and physical support was provided by Graham of Film WiFi and NewSplash who deployed their truck inside Windsor Castle. Our crews spent several days preparation in preparation for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, most of this time was spent laying cables from the selected viewing positions to the antennas in the line of sight of our satellites.

And this is when we encountered a problem that demonstrated just how versatile satellite broadband can be for live broadcasting. The TV crews had selected a ‘balcony’ spot that offered the perfect view of Windsor High Street but offered a completely imperfect view (i.e. no view) of the satellite. Bigblu solved the problem by deploying an antenna at the rear of a restaurant two buildings down the street. This gave the crews clear line of sight and the green light to broadcast.

At the end of an exhausting but productive week, thanks to bigblu, over 180 hours of KA Satellite NewsSpotter Broadcast were streamed at various speeds from 6 to 10 Mbps @ 1:1. The Fox and Bell Media news teams sent their Video – Audio with uplink speeds between 6 Mbps & 10 Mbps.

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