Auriga Kore

Auriga Kore is an innovative technologies specialist with over 20 years’ experience in IP Satellite, IP Networks and IP Video distribution, first taking Ka band satellite feeds live to television in 1999.

Auriga works with bigblu to offer Clients fully integrated, private networking solutions over the Tooway platform, with customer data routed securely, off-internet, from the satellite platform to London Telehouse North via dual and diverse fibre. Auriga is proud to work with bigblu in bringing the professionalised ToowaSatellite Dish mounted on Trucky product – which now offers UK announced static public IP addressing, full private network and MPLS integration support, and GRE acceleration – to market.

Auriga is a Live Video specialist, and conjoins its IP Network with conventional SDI video epicentres such as BT Tower, The Switch, Arqiva, BBC and NEP. This enables Clients to interconnect with conventional content sources and distribution channels in economical IP, using Pro MPEG FEC Transport Stream, RTMP and LiveU products, increasing availability and democratising video acquisition. The company operates a 24/7 Video MCR from its London NOC in support of its Live Video Clients.

Auriga works with Emergency Services, International Govt Agencies, Corporations, Telecoms Industry Partners, Broadcasters, Streaming Companies, TV Channels and Digital Media Rights Holders, in its mission to drive innovation and extend capability on a global basis.



Offshore wind farmKJAER DATA provide offshore communication services. They supply IT services including data protection, control, prioritisation, and acceleration, and specialise in offering these services to the shipping industry both on- and offshore.

With almost two decades of experience providing IT security at sea, KJAER DATA are experts at overcoming the challenges associated with providing safe and reliable communications miles from land-based infrastructure.

They also supply services for wind turbines that require a secure, closed network that collects the necessary data and shares these with the relevant recipients.


Kriss TheDish Brown

Film WiFi providing internet access via satelliteKriss Brown has over a decade of experience in the film industry, having worked in the communications industry for many years before then. Through his company, FilmWiFi Ltd., Kriss supplies satellite internet and 4G services to the film industry and has worked on over 100 film and TV productions across Europe. FilmWiFi Ltd. use the latest technology to ensure connectivity no matter where filming takes place.

Kriss received the nickname Kriss TheDish back in 2014 when working on Spectre. One of the location managers said it over the radio and the name has stuck since then.


Loxton Consultancy Ltd

Loxton Consultancy Ltd. is a UK based consultancy, established in 2009, to provide SME and Corporate clients with a ‘one stop shop’ approach to their Telecom, Compliance, Business ContinuitySatellite dish in a solar panel field and Disaster Recovery requirements based around a core set of ‘best of breed’ solutions. Its Managing Consultant, Ashley Loxton, has spent 25 years in consultative sales of which the past 7 years have been focused on supplying and installing the Eutelsat (Tooway) Satellite Broadband system into Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Farms and construction sites.

Loxton Consultancy Ltd. now specialises in providing Satellite Broadband systems and associated equipment to EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Contractors, Main Contractors and Developers.

Loxton Consultancy Ltd. not only advises on suitable solutions but also installs and provides ongoing support to its clients.  To date the company has installed >430 Tooway systems into solar farms and battery storage facilities.


Ninehundred Communications Group

Ninehundred Communications Group are the UK’s largest independent suppliers and installers of high-quality two-way radio systems, corporate mobile phones, data solutions, and vehicle/asset tracking systems. Since 1979, they have created efficient communications strategies for their customers.

Helping customers get connected in some of the most remote or cost restrictive locations has seen their Satellite Solutions Division expand from satellite phone provision to include satellite broadband connections. Ninehundred Group get customers connected quickly by utilising and integrating a range of products and services to suit individual requirements.



Specializing in systems integration and developing communications, imagery, and lighting systems, Primetech support the emergency and security services. They support the utilities sector, NGOs, government, and commercial companies by providing mobile satellite broadband communications as well as wearable technology such as body cameras and lighting systems. This allows them to support diverse operations from providing communications during major flooding to supporting the Tour de France with a satellite and voice communications network.


Tactical Wireless

Tactical Wireless Ltd are specialists in developing advanced communication technologies and services for practical application within the fields of telemedicine, critical incident response, and security. They deliver secure and reliable communications in locations that are poorly connected through traditional communications infrastructure.

Tactical Wireless provides data processing, to reduce bandwidth, and multiple routes, to increase routing capacity and resilience. These integrated systems can provide services to the emergency services, military and police as well as sectors ranging from transport to broadcasting and maritime to agriculture.