Our tariffs names have now changed

11th January 2016

If you’ve logged into your customer portal recently, the eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that our tariff names have changed, coinciding with our European expansion and new website.

There is nothing to worry about,  you have not been moved onto a different tariff without your knowledge or approval and your data allowance remains the same.

Please note that these new tariff names will be used on your monthly invoices from now on. Any questions or concerns regarding this change, please contact our customer support team.

For a full list of all the new tariff names, view the table below:

New Europasat Name Original Network Name
Europasat T2 Tooway 2
Europasat T10 Tooway 10
Europasat T25 Tooway 25
Europasat T40 Tooway 40
Europasat T40+60 Tooway Extra
Europasat T100 Tooway Infinite
Europasat T8 Tooway Lite 8
Europasat T16 Tooway Lite 16
Europasat T Easy Tooway Easy
Europasat T Pro2 Tooway Pro 2
Europasat T Pro25 Tooway Pro 25
Europasat T Pro40 Tooway Pro 40
Europasat T Pro100 Tooway Pro 100
Europasat T Pro200 Tooway Pro 200
Europasat S3 SES S
Europasat S10 SES L
Europasat S Pro30 SES Pro 30
Europasat S Pro50 SES Pro 50
Europasat S Easy SES PAYG
Europasat A10 Avanti Rural Lite
Europasat A20 Avanti Rural Medium
Europasat A40 Avanti Rural Max