Our guide to working from home via satellite broadband

30th July 2020

For many of us, working from home has now become a regular feature of our everyday lives as we all continue to adapt and adjust to the current climate. There are a number of benefits to homeworking, from firing off your morning emails in your pyjamas to skipping your daily commute, home comforts can really make a difference. However, when we are faced with additional family responsibilities and the challenges of remote communication, it can be hard to manage our time and keep motivated.

Thankfully, we’ve pulled together some nifty tips and tricks to help you work from home. With some simple adjustments, we’ll show you how you can boost productivity, make the most of your bigblu satellite broadband connection and, importantly, appreciate the space you’re working in.

Desk makeover

Revisiting your desk setup is a key step towards happy homeworking. If you’ve been working in the same spot for the last few months, it’s time to mix things up!

Wall art
Found yourself staring at the same four walls? Add some character by putting up some frames or posters featuring your favourite artwork (you could use Vinyl record covers – remember those). Motivational messages or quotes can help to keep you on track. This can also help to engage your audience if you have lots of video calls.

Fancy plants
Looking closer to your desk space, plants can be a fantastic addition. From flowing ferns to cool cacti, house plants are a great way to enjoy a little bit of nature at home. (They also provide a great excuse to take regular watering breaks!)

Accessory upgrade
Finally, if you’re more of an analogue worker, treating yourself to some new stationery or desk accessories such as a notepad or a lamp can really help to spark some desk joy.

Get techy with it

In the world of homeworking, technology is your friend, so it’s important to think about how your technical set up can make your working day easier.

Thinking wireless
Wireless tech is a useful way to free up your working space and gives you the flexibility to easily take your work to another room. There are now numerous wireless options across devices such as headphones, keyboards and computer mice, which benefit from easy setups and reliable Bluetooth connections.

Audio and video ease
If you find yourself on regular video calls, upgrading your fixed computer webcam for a new external model will make sure that your colleagues and clients can view you in crystal clear HD. When it comes to audio calls, a pair of well-rated headphones, a wireless headset or even a conference speakerphone will also help to take awkward volume or clarity issues out of your daily calls.

Keep collaborating

Connecting with your colleagues online is a key way of boosting productivity and making sure you feel supported when working from home. Our bigblu satellite broadband connection provides many of the same benefits as fibre broadband, so you can keep on collaborating.

Productivity tools
Where would be without a good old-fashioned to-do list? Handy apps such as Trello and Microsoft To Do provide clear and simple tools to help you map out your daily tasks and categorise your lists to keep everything in order. Although the infrastructure of satellite broadband differs from fibre, it features the same network of routers moving data from a source to a destination, meaning the functionality of these apps is the same whether accessed via satellite or fibre.

Team working applications
Regular online audio and video calls have become a common feature of homeworking. Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams all provide numerous features to support effective communication with your team as well as additional instant messaging functions. When you make calls through satellite broadband, the journey this data takes is longer than the journey taken by data travelling through a wired connection, which can introduce a delay. In the industry we call this ‘latency’. However, there have been huge reductions in latency for satellite broadband over recent years. This means users experience only a few milliseconds of delay or none at all!

Shared digital resources
Seamlessly sharing files and accessing business documents and drives can help to keep your work organised and cut down the time spent finding the latest version of a document. WeTransfer is one of the most popular tools for quick file sharing, while Microsoft SharePoint offers a useful solution for business-wide file sharing and organisation. If you need to access a remote VPN through a satellite broadband connection, you will need a static IP address which we are able to provide through one of our business packages.

With homeworking becoming a familiar activity for many of us, we hope these tips and tricks will help you to keep motivated with the power of technology. Our team are here to help you, your colleagues and your business stay connected, so get in touch with our team to help you find the right package to suit your needs.