How to embrace technology AND be eco-friendly

2nd June 2016

In today’s technologically advanced world, our homes are overflowing with electronic devices and appliances, from smartphones, laptops and televisions to coffee makers, washing machines and microwaves.

Technology has made our lives easier, but almost all of these devices are dependent on electricity and therefore they take a toll on the environment. However, there are a number of ways that you can continue to enjoy your gadgets while being more eco-friendly.


It can be easy to forget to turn things off at night, so timers are a simple option. Set them to turn off your devices at the times you know you don’t use them and automatically you are making your home more environmentally friendly.

Solar power

Solar panels generate electricity for your home naturally. Not only can solar power help to slow down global warming, it can also save you a substantial amount of money every year.

The Nest

The thermostat company Nest has introduced a next generation thermostat. It works by automatically adjusting the heat of your house when you’re not there and even to seasonal changes. As well as being positive for the environment, the company also says that it can save people up to 20% on their monthly heating bills.

Phone chargers

Few of us can get through the day without charging our phones, sometimes even a couple of times. On top of this, we often leave our chargers plugged in because we assume that if our phones aren’t attached, they’re not using any power. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Mushroom GreenZero wall charger though claims to be the most eco-friendly charging device around. It automatically shuts off with zero idle power when a device is fully charged, it eliminates unused power, lowers energy bills and cuts back on waste.

Eco-friendly apps

Many of us are becoming increasingly conscious about the impact we’re having on the environment and we also all love an app to guide us, so why not combine the two? The GoodGuide app is free on both iOS and Android and it uses scientific ratings to give products and manufacturers a score of 0 to 10. From beauty products and pet supplies to food and technology devices, you will be able to determine the impact that buying them will have on the environment.

Genius Mouse

The Genius BlueEye wireless mouse is just one example of the latest technology that uses wireless technology to power it. It is battery-free and has a built-in gold capacitor that allows for more than 100,000 recharges. What’s more, it takes just three minutes for it to charge.

There are a number of other ways that technology is set to become more environmentally friendly within the next few years, from web hosting companies that are powered by solar panels to green cloud technologies and solar panelled keyboards. One thing for sure is that the future of technology is not just exciting, but also good for the environment. Finally, don’t forget the greenest of all green tech solutions – why dig up miles of green belt countryside to lay fibre cables when a satellite dish will provide you with fast broadband wherever you are?