Our technology has supported several ground-breaking healthcare initiatives, each providing services and care to patients living in less accessible areas. Using highly portable satellite equipment which is vehicle mounted or can be set up quickly and easily with minimal training, we ensure the rapid and highly secure transmission and receipt of volumes of medical data in environments where this would not otherwise be possible.

Case Study

Bonded Satellite and Cellular Communications to support Health and Social Care in Rural Wales

In areas beyond the traditional grid, sophisticated and technology-led healthcare treatments can be far more challenging to deliver. This was illustrated recently in a project run in rural Wales by our partner Tactical Wireless in collaboration with the Emergency Medical Retrieval and Transfer Service (EMRTS).

Satellite, cellular and hybrid systems were used to stream ultrasound imagery, delivering diagnostic quality images from remote areas. Tested side-by-side in hospitals the images received on the remote laptop were sometimes clearer and sharper than on the local monitor.

In addition to being highly effective, this new method of streaming images offers a substantial saving to the NHS over the current system.

A similar system was subsequently used to provide internet capability to a community testing centre for COVID-19.

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