Bigblu recommends PlayOn to all our customers. PlayOn is a digital recording service (DVR) that allows you to schedule the recording and downloading of all the video and TV content you already have access to during your unmetered night time period (1 am to 6 am). If you can already access it, then you can record and download it off-peak with PlayOn.

You can watch or record virtually any online video with PlayOn Desktop. If it’s available online, then you should be able to use PlayOn to stream it to any device or to record it to watch offline. And, unlike traditional DVRs, recording capacity isn’t capped. That means the number of recordings you can make is only limited by the amount of storage space you have available.

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Check PlayOn Desktop is right for you

Before you go ahead and buy the desktop license, it’s worth noting that PlayOn also offers a cloud-based product called, PlayOn Cloud.

PlayOn Cloud doesn’t offer unlimited downloads, so there will always be an ongoing cost as opposed to a one-off licence fee for PlayOn Desktop. However, with PlayOn Cloud you don’t need a laptop or desktop with Windows to use it, just a phone.