Outage Protection & Failover

Our satellite technology ensures your business can operate during an inevitable Internet outage – and you are only charged for bandwidth when an outage occurs

Satellite Failover Systems

Calculating your business’ Internet exposure. Have you ever calculated how reliant your business and its systems are on Internet connectivity? From internal email communications to wireless telephony, customer orders to client information, payment services to product testing, data capture to vital online services.

"A report by research company Opinium in conjunction with Imperial College London, revealed that British businesses suffered an average of three days of internet downtime each in 2017. Those combined outages cost the UK economy £7billion in lost productivity and extra overtime."

Bigblu solves the problem of lost Internet connectivity with quick and easily deployable, cost effective solutions. When, not if, your Internet connection goes down we guarantee that satellite broadband failover will bridge the inevitable gap and stem any financial and reputational losses.

Our solutions provide network connectivity to avoid service interruptions. Our Satellite Failover Services may not always replicate the speed of incumbent fibre, but we do guarantee continuity via a terrestrially-independent technology which is reliable, cost efficient, and which delivers low risk, guaranteeing your business can continue operationally.