How long is the contract?
The contract length is 12 months and we offer a 14 day cooling-off period after you sign up with us.

How can I upgrade my account?
You can upgrade or downgrade your tariff simply by contacting our customer support team by phone or through your customer portal. Upgrades are completely free but please note that downgrades incur an administration fee equivalent to the cost of one month at your current tariff.

How can I cancel my account?
Simply call our customer support team, or contact us and we’ll check your contract then make the necessary arrangements.

Don’t forget that if you’re a new customer you are protected by our 14-day cooling-off period. This provides a great opportunity to try the system in full before your contract starts.

What happens when I reach my data limit before the end of the month?
For certain packages (excluding new Konnect packages introduced in December 2018) when you reach or exceed your data cap then your broadband connection will be halted. When you hit your data limit you have the choice to upgrade to the next tariff, purchase a data bolt-on or you can wait until your data refresh date on the 1st of the month. It is worth noting that no reduced speed option is available.

What Are Data Boosters?
For certain packages (excluding new Konnect packages introduced in December 2018), we have a variety of data boost options to meet your needs. They allow you to stretch your allowance even further. Our bolt-ons start with a 3GB Booster and go all the way up to a 100GB Booster with a variety in between.

How do I know if I need a Pro tariff?
Certain types of usage necessitate a Pro tariff set-up. For example, if you’re intending to (i) remotely use CCTV through your satellite broadband system then you will need open ports which only come with a Pro tariff; or (ii) use your system to link with a Virtual Private Network then you will need a static IP address, which only comes with a Pro tariff. If you have any specific requirements over and above standard browsing and email we recommend that you talk to our support team first.

How fast is satellite broadband?
Depending on your location in the UK, we offer speeds up to 30 Mbps.  The speed will vary according to network traffic at any given time and typically during peak hours (5-11pm in the UK) speeds may drop down into the low single figures for a time.

Can I use satellite broadband with a wired or wireless router?
Yes, you can use a wired or wireless router to connect your system’s terminal to several PC’s or tablets, smartphones or other wireless devices in your home. Just so you know we can supply a wired/wireless router to meet your needs, although it will come at an additional cost. If you feel you will need one – and most of us do these days – then just select it as an optional extra during the checkout process online or let one of our team know when you place your order over the phone.

How about online gaming with a satellite broadband connection?
For most online gaming you will experience very few issues. However, it’s only fair to warn you that we don’t recommend our systems for ‘first-person shooter’ games. Satellite broadband is great for many things but not for the rapid exchanges of data that these games need to be properly enjoyed. The time lag involved will lead to frozen screens, jumpy gameplay – something called ‘latency’.

If someone in your household is a big fan of using Voice Chat when they play on their PlayStation™ or Xbox™ they will run into problems due to “strict NAT”. But your kids do not need to fear, we have a way round it. You would need a tariff that comes with a public IP address so make sure you give one of our team a call to talk this through before ordering.

Can I watch on-demand UK television from abroad?
This question is especially relevant to our customers with second homes on the continent. The short answer is, possibly. It all depends on the network availability in your European location. If it is sufficient we can offer you a UK IP address, which means you’d be able to access on-demand services as if you were back in the UK. To be honest, that is as simple as we can make quite a complicated process. The best bet is to call one of our team to discuss your specific requirements and we can take it from there.

Due to the fact that the availability and access to UK channels in Europe is changing all the time, we advise you to contact us for up-to-date information. You can also take advantage of the latest crop of ‘watch again’ portals, particularly suited to our larger monthly tariffs.

Can I access satellite broadband outside of Europe with bigblu?
Yes, we provide satellite internet access a wide range of countries across the globe, please contact us to see if we can get you connected in your location.

How do I know I’ll receive the speeds quoted?
In common with all other broadband technologies, quoted speeds are ‘average’ and not guaranteed.

When you buy a satellite broadband service from bigblu we will already have taken into account your location and, as we can connect you to all the satellite broadband infrastructure available across Europe, we connect you to a bigblu tariff that will give you the best possible service for your needs.

The satellite companies that we work with use a sophisticated Network Management Systems based on Fair Use Policies. Those systems determine the speed you will receive at any given moment based on (i) the demand on the network at that time; and (ii) and the amount of data you have consumed so far in the month. In simple terms it means one user or group of users is prevented from consuming a disproportionate amount of data and impacting other users on the network. And in even simpler terms that means our quoted average speeds are more accurate than any other technology available.

I have one of the new Konnect packages (introduced from December 2018). What is the minimum speed I will be able to receive once I have exceeded my priority data allowance?
When the network is not busy, you will not notice any difference in speed, however during busy times speeds may drop. We monitor average speeds on a monthly basis and using the ASA’s methodology (used by all the major internet service providers) and the findings are shown below:

Average speeds for non-prioritised data during peak times were obtained between 9th and 15th June 2019.

Package Name

Average Speed (Priority Data)Average Speed (Non-Priority Data)


12 MBs



21 MBs



36 MBs





How can I check what download performance I am getting?
“Speed” tends to be a fairly subjective measure of performance. Typical “speed test” websites on the internet are not designed to check satellite-based broadband connections. They tend to add the satellites natural latency into the calculation of data over time and come up with an inaccurate result which will be inevitably poorer than the true performance you are actually receiving.

The overall performance of the service will vary at different times of the day depending on how busy the network and the public internet is and how many users are online at the same time as you. Typically, the network will be 40% less busy after 9pm and before 7.30am.

All broadband networks, including wired broadband, will be busy at peak user times in the afternoon and early to mid-evening.

Are there limits to how much data I can transfer?
We have data allowances on our tariffs that range from unlimited on our Fixed Wireless plans (if available in your area) to 10GB and all the way up to 100GB on our Satellite Broadband plans. The tariffs available to you will be determined by your location/country.

If you find that you need more data before your next month’s allowance kicks in then you have a couple of options. You can either buy a Volume Booster Token that will see you through to the end of the allowance period or you can upgrade (if available) to a higher tariff with a larger data allowance.

Can I get a static IP address on my bigblu broadband service?
All of bigblu’s Pro tariffs come with a static public IP address as standard.

It is worth noting that due to the way the service is configured, we must assign the IP address dynamically (DHCP) to the router connected. Essentially, we cannot statically assign the IP address to the PC or router connected to the terminal. If none of that makes much sense or you need more information, we’d definitely recommend that you contact one of our Technical Support team.

I’ve heard of latency issues with satellite – what does this mean?
To keep it as simple as possible, ‘latency’ is the delay between when you click something and when you see it. When you click on a link, it sends a request for data from your device to a server (like a website) via the satellite. That signal must then literally go to space and back. Most of the delay comes in the processing and re-transmitting of that signal – and that is what they call latency.

Some older satellite technologies exhibit a noticeable latency lag. However, we are ahead of the game and our satellite broadband services employ the very latest software and hardware techniques to minimise this lag. In practice that means when you click on a link to request a webpage, our hardware strips out the messy unnecessary bits and makes it all a lot lighter to carry back from space. It’s a very handy technique for handling large file or email downloads.

Can I use my bigblu service to connect to my work or office via VPN?
Although there’s nothing technically to stop you connecting to your company’s corporate VPN with your bigblu service, there are some things you need to understand. Check with your IT department at work and find out if your company’s VPN is an IPSec type of VPN.

If it is, these often require a staticIP address to function. Static IP addresses are only provided on our Pro tariffs.

As our products use packet acceleration technology in order to deal with the distance the information has to travel to and from your system, with certain VPN connections, once the secure tunnel has been created, all information inside the tunnel is encrypted and no acceleration can be applied, which means you might experience performance problems.

As with all specific requirements, we definitely recommend that you give one of our support team a call to talk it all through. Another option is to visit one of our Resellers local to you or come in to our HQ in Oxfordshire for a demonstration. That way we can help you choose the right product if you want to use our satellite broadband services over an IPSec VPN.

Does bigblu’s broadband service work with mobile phone signal boosters?
Quite simply, they won’t work to their full potential. Devices like the Vodafone SureSignal™ and 02 Boostbox™ require a relatively low latency connection of less than 240 mS (i.e. the time it takes for a data request to be received and returned to you, measured in milliseconds). Satellite broadband network latency can vary between 600 – 800 mS (i.e. slower than ideal to get the best out of a booster).