Enjoy a (Virtual) Summer of Sport

20th August 2020

Enjoying a sporting summer is a bit trickier this year, with several event cancellations and postponements in light of the ongoing pandemic. Globally-recognised events such as EURO 2020 and Wimbledon may be rolling over to 2021, but there are still a number of ways to bring sport into your summer plans. From tips on where to find classic highlights to handy online tools featuring the latest scores, we’re here to keep things moving with your summer of sport.

Reliving classic moments

While we may be missing the thrill of watching our favourite sportspeople live, many leading organisations have opened their online archives so we can relive historic moments. Whether you want to spark up debate with friends on some of the World Cup’s most divisive moments (do you remember the ‘hand of God’?) or excite your family with the best Olympics opening ceremonies, here are some of the best sites to visit:

  • FIFA TV – official YouTube hub for classic football highlights
  • Olympic Channel – official livestream of past Olympics highlights
  • PGA Tour – dedicated YouTube channel, featuring key golfing highlights

Staying up to date

With the introduction of socially distant sporting events, including the upcoming UEFA Champions League, there are plenty of online tools to keep you connected with the latest news and results. Twitter Topics are a great way to follow events in real-time and provide the flexibility to only show updates on your sport of choice. There are also some fantastic apps such as The Bleacher Report and LiveScore, which provide useful digital directories for the latest fixtures.

Reimagining sporting events

How about making your own sporting memories? Recreating iconic moments from the world of sport has never been easier. If you’re an avid gamer, top titles such as FIFA 20 and Madden NFL 20 give you the sporting prowess to recreate classic team showdowns from the comfort of your sofa. If you’re feeling creative, pick up your smartphone and find a safe, open space where you can set yourself a challenge to share with friends or even parody your favourite sporting moments!

Keeping satellites sporty

Did you know that we supply professional satellite broadband support for key sporting events? Covering everything from National Handball and Volleyball tournaments in Italy to Cricket in the UK, our professional satellite services keep sport connected. Most recently, we supplied the England and Wales Cricket board with auto-acquire antenna systems for broadcasting the Ladies Cricket Series over satellite internet. This is an ideal solution for this series as the system is easy to set up, requires no existing infrastructure and is supported by our pay-as-you-go solution, so the broadcasters only pay for the time and the data they use.

This summer’s sporting focus might be a little different, but that doesn’t need to stop you revisiting past moments or creating your own memories to share online.