As a business user what are the main advantages of a Pro tariff?
Three of the key benefits for your business are:

(i) healthy data allowances that we can match to your specific business needs, plus we have the option of data boosters to help with unexpected peaks;

(ii) you can remotely use CCTV through your satellite broadband system then you will need open ports which only come with a Pro tariff; and

(iii) you can use your system to link with a Virtual Private Network, ideal for allowing you to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. For this you will need a static IP address, which only comes with a Pro tariff.

For all your specific business requirements we recommend that you talk to our support team first so we can decide together what plan would suit your business best.

Are there any limitations on bigblu’s broadband I should be aware of?
Very few, unlike some of our competitors, our packages accept direct connection to Apple™, Linux™, Unix™ or Windows™ based operating systems. It is worth noting that satellite technology does introduce limitations in certain applications. If you have an important application, task or protocol that you wish to run over your bigblu satellite broadband terminal, we’d definitely recommend discussing it with one of our support team before you order.

Once we know all of your requirements we’ll be able to let you know if there are any performance issues or limiting factors. We can then give you specific product advice to make sure you can get the very best out of your bigblu broadband connection.

Another option if you do have a particular application you need to run – and this is perhaps the most ideal – is to run a live test before you order. You can do this by visiting one of our Resellers local to you, or by coming to our HQ near Bicester (just off the M40 at Junction 9) for a free try-before-you-buy demonstration.

Is there anything that bigblu’s satellite broadband packages are not suitable for?

  • Some remote-control software (satellite broadband is excellent for small numbers of very large file transactions, less so for large numbers of very small files or transactions).
  • Heavy uplink traffic, such as Web or FTP hosting
  • IP-Sec VPN applications can be delivered with special routing and additional hardware. However, alternative protocols such as SSL, SSH & UDP work very well).
  • Real time on-line gaming (never really practical on satellite-based connections)

Are there limits to how much data I can transfer?
If your business is fortunate enough to be located in an area with access to our Fixed Wireless Pro options you will have unlimited data. Otherwise our satellite broadband pro packages range from 25GB to 100GB.

It is definitely worth noting that we also make available Data Boosters, which are ideal for your growing business or for unpredictable expectations. If you hit your data allowance before the end of the month you can choose from one of our range of boosters depending on your needs at that moment. Our boosters range from 3GB all the way up to 100GB so, whatever tariff you choose, your business will never be left in the lurch.

It is possible to book dedicated and unlimited bandwidth on a monthly basis, this is subject to special quotation.

I have a business where I move from site to site and I’m looking for a connection that is easily deployable connection at each location?
If your business locations are within reach of our 4G network then that will be the one for you. Otherwise we recommend having a chat with one of our expert business advisers to find out whether we can tailor a solution just for you.

Will satellite ‘latency’ issues affect my business’s day-to-day office needs?
In short, no. In detail, we use the latest acceleration technology including an integrated performance enhancing proxy (PEP) with pre-fetching. This technology will speed up browsing and downloads, and provide you and your employees with instantaneous on-screen performance.

Is bad weather a problem?
The honest answer is it can have a negative effect on the signal.  But the weather has to be ‘extreme’ and the initial effect is to slow the system.  It is important to note the overall KA Sat performance is 99.5%, which is better than almost all fixed-line services.