Bigblu’s satellites make memories across Europe

27th May 2017

“Raw London have helped to change the way our audiences think about Remembrance and The Royal British Legion.” Those were the humbling words spoken by Robert Lee, Head of Remembrance at The Royal British Legion when he saw the work produced by Ryan Wilkins.

None of Ryan and Raw’s high-impact work could have been shot and streamed without bigblu and our broadcast services. Raw is a full-service video strategy, production and distribution agency, where connectivity is king. Without a fast, reliable broadband connection, they cannot provide their clients with a high-quality, fast service and seamlessly stream content.

This isn’t an issue when the company is working from its urban hub in London where fibre broadband is plentiful. But when they are on location in a rural setting, a lack of connectivity has the scope to stop a campaign in its tracks.

This is exactly the problem that Raw’’s CEO, Ryan Wilkins, faced when he was tasked with producing a series of webcasts for events commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. The events were taking place on location in Thiepval, northern France, hosted by The Royal British Legion. Raw was in charge of producing and managing the live video streams. However, as the memorial events were set to take place middle of fields in rural France, Raw didn’t have access to any form of fixed-line telecoms, or even a mobile phone signal.

And that’s when bigblu stepped in to deliver our satellite broadband solutions. Satellite broadband enables internet connection and voice connectivity pretty much anywhere on planet Earth. We are Europe’s leading satellite broadband provider and, over the years, we have brought together the best satellite broadband services available all under one roof.

That is why Ryan and Raw got in touch with bigblu, formerly known as Europasat. And this is what happened when he did. Over to you Ryan, founder and CEO of RAW Productions:

“So far we have successfully streamed three out of the six events and we are getting thousands of viewers per broadcast.  It just wouldn’t have been possible without the satellite technology provided by Europasat.

“Originally I had dismissed satellite broadband as an option as I thought it would be too expensive and difficult to run, but I was very surprised at how affordable and easy to setup it was. The day after I enquired, I was at Europasat’s HQ being shown the system.

“I tested it in the UK and then took it with me on location; it worked perfectly and the customer support was phenomenal – I am a total satellite convert!”

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