bigblu from the beginning: the back story

26th June 2018

bigblu is now the UK’s No 1 alternative broadband provider. We reach the parts of the country fibre cannot reach and help more families and more businesses than ever connect to great value super-fast broadband – no matter where you live or work.

Humble beginnings
The company was founded in 2008 as Satellite Solutions Worldwide to offer satellite internet to rural homes and businesses across the UK, Europe and Australia who could not access traditional fibre internet. At first broadband download and upload speeds were slow and prices were high. However, in 2010 brand new satellite technology brought significantly higher speeds, better connection and better prices – all the things that make sense to our consumer and business users.

Huge strides
Since 2010, satellite technology has continued to take huge strides and bigblu has been leading the way. While satellite broadband has been at the heart of our service for the last decade, we focus on providing our customers with a range of ways to get connected including high-speed satellite, ultra-fast fixed wireless and reliable 4G networks – meaning no matter where you live we get you connected.

We offer the best alternative broadband technology in the UK for people in the forgotten 5%, those who have access to slow broadband speeds or, worse, no broadband at all. We are the market leader in uniting the digital divide and making sure that the digital revolution leaves nobody behind. We reach the parts of the UK that cable just won’t reach.

The business bit
In May 2015, seven years after being founded as Satellite Solutions Worldwide, the business listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market. At that point we had 10,000 customers. Now through a mix of organic growth (hiring super-talented people and investing in relationships) and acquisitional growth (buying up competitors and innovators) bigblu now has over 120,000 customers. We are the largest satellite broadband internet service provider outside North America and are the 4th largest in the world.

Expanding limits
Our research and development team work with technology companies around the world to continue to expand the limits of what’s technically achievable in the field of alternative broadband communications for areas where no wired connectivity exists.

In good company
As well as connecting residences and businesses in the UK, bigblu provides robust satellite transmission systems to major clients including the BBC, Sky News, the Ministry of Defence and CNN. These systems are designed for any type of production or broadcast team deployment and have seen our equipment and expertise used in some of the most hostile places on the planet, as well as on some the most exciting film projects of recent years, including Spectre (James Bond), War Horse and Captain America.

Connecting. Everywhere
Our relationships with the networks that provide the satellites that orbit the earth, we can connect you to the best service, pretty much wherever you are. The market-leading technology that we use, not to mention our technical ability, is matched by our customer support record. From first enquiry to installation, connection and beyond, we put our expertise to good use to ensure our customers make the most of their broadband.