bigblu and the Police Service

20th April 2020

bigblu have supplied KA Satellite Services to a number of the UK’s Police Forces for several years. Our Flyaway satellite broadcasting antenna equipment is favoured by the police as it is easily transportable, and typically ‘on-air’ within 15 minutes. Our auto-acquire antennas require minimal user training, and are either permanently fixed to the vehicle’s roof or supplied as ‘fly-away-kits’.

Either technology ensures that data, video and audio can be delivered almost anywhere, making them ideal for areas with limited or no terrestrial services, or where networks are congested. While the Police and emergency services have their own national systems, these can be vulnerable to physical obstruction, such as hills and tall buildings or damage to terrestrial infrastructure.

Our services and equipment have been deployed by the emergency services to provide communications for numerous operations from Emergency Control Centres to covert operations, technical surveillance and counter-terror. Together with our partner Auriga Kore Networks we have dual redundant fibre delivering secure services avoiding the internet, and routing to the communication racks at London Telehouse North Communications Hub and then onwards to the customer’s endpoint.