Join us to earn excellent commissions on a range of bigblu products

Are you already supplying services to your local community or consumers? Did you know that up to 20% of your customers may have less than 2 Mbps and are in desperate need of faster broadband alternatives? Could you find more people who are similarly unsatisfied? If the answer is yes to any of the above, then you should consider adding satellite broadband from bigblu to your portfolio. Apply to become a bigblu Reseller today and get all the support you need to make it happen.

icon of Earn excellent commissions

Earn excellent commissions

Add a valuable revenue stream to your business with both upfront and trailing commissions.

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Get dedicated support

We're on hand 7-days a week to make sure everything is running smoothly so you can focus on selling more.

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Order & track sales easily

Add orders, check your sales pipeline and access marketing and product material all within a few clicks via our dedicated portal.

icon of Get dedicated support

Get dedicated support

Add orders, check your sales pipeline and access marketing and product material all within a few clicks via our dedicated portal.


Tier 1 - Agent

The Tier 1 Programme is a simple and straightforward means of earning generous one-off commissions. It has proved a valuable, hassle-free way of adding revenue to existing businesses.

Our Tier 1 Resellers use their specialised local knowledge to suggest bigblu products and services to their existing and potential customer base.

On top of the one-off commission, Tier 1 Resellers can grow their margins significantly by (i) installing the satellite broadband hardware for the customer; and (ii) selling ancillary equipment such as routers and range-extenders.

All customer, billing and technical support is handled by bigblu’s dedicated in-house team – and all of our Resellers, whatever their tier, are supported by our dedicated Reseller team.

Tier 2 - Dealer

The Tier 2 'Dealer' Programme is for Resellers who want satellite broadband revenue to form an ongoing and increasing part of their business. We will work together to build up a customer base over time.

Tier 2 Resellers identify opportunities within their existing bases to cross-sell satellite broadband, but will also dedicate time to identifying new customers within their locality or specific vertical.

The Tier 2 Reseller will make healthy margins from a range of opportunities: selling hardware; equipment installations; cross-selling ancillary hardware and services (including routers and range-extenders).

Crucially an additional bonus of the Tier 2 programme is that you will take a share in ongoing customer revenue. Customer revenues passed to the Reseller by bigblu vary according to the tariff sold – higher cost tariffs drive higher Reseller revenues.

Tier 2 Resellers and your customers enjoy bigblu’s full customer, technical and billing services. Recurring revenues are calculated and paid to resellers monthly.

Tier 3 - Reseller

The Tier 3 programme is ideal for companies who already have (i) a significant customer base; and (ii) the associated systems to service them, including customer support and billing services.

For our Tier 3 Reseller we provide the underlying service, infrastructure, training and 2nd-line technical support to you.

You access the relevant billing information through the bigblu Reseller portal but we have no direct relationship with your customer.

Our Tier 3 structure provides you with the ultimate flexibility. You are able to:

brand the service as your own (e.g. ‘Acme Satellite Broadband’)
set pricing and create products and services that suit your model
underpin your proposition with the technical and market knowledge that only Europe’s No.1 player can provide.