Back to School with bigblu

8th September 2020

With children across the country back at school, we know many families, parents and guardians will be working through new challenges as they adjust to the school routine. To support, we’ve put together some handy digital tips and tricks to help with the journey ahead. From key learning apps to procrastination-busting tools, we’ve got you covered for back to school!

Easing back into school life

After a long period of closure, the return to school may feel daunting. As school work picks up, promoting relaxing activities at home can help with this transition. Meditation can be a fantastic activity to build into your family’s daily routine, helping to keep you all calm and content. Headspace is a great place to start thanks to its tailored resources for kids, which are helpfully split into age brackets. Mindful has also shared useful parenting techniques focused on mindfulness, alongside handy relaxation tips for children. If you’re looking to integrate movement into relaxing as a family, Cosmic Kids provides online yoga stories for children of all ages.

Every day is a school day

Not only is your internet connection a great source for entertainment, it’s also a useful way to enhance your kids’ learning at home. There are many education-focused sites and apps which use easily digestible and engaging tools to promote learning online. Perhaps your child is keen to try a new language or brush up their existing skills? Duolingo is the go-to app for fun, bitesize learning which is available through desktop, table and mobile devices. If your child is approaching the age where they’re keen to build their digital profile, Skillshare is a brilliant way to unleash their creativity with everything from photography classes to creative writing workshops. No matter your child’s age, skill level or interests, there’s something for everyone when it comes to learning online!

Tackling procrastination

Procrastination happens to all of us but as school projects and assignments start to build up, helping your children maintain an effective home working routine can help to beat distraction. Productivity app Forest is a nifty tool for keeping focus. While on the app, users plant a digital tree which grows while you work and dies if you leave the app too early—the more productive you are, the more trees you’ll grow! When it comes to building motivation, Spotify can help you keep up the energy with playlists ranging from Homework Beats to Perfect Concentration. However, if procrastination is still a problem, reducing time on social media using apps such as Offtime can help your kids to really keep focus.


The back to school routine may not always feel straightforward, but we’re here to make the experience a little easier with the help of our satellite broadband connection. With satellite broadband you can benefit from the same tools and resources of someone living in the city centre, while raising your family in a beautiful, rural location.