Avanti Fair Usage Policy

If you exceed any data usage thresholds set-out in your tariff package or utilise applications or traffic that we or the satellite operator deems it necessary to manage more actively (sometimes referred to as “Congestion Management”), this will result in some or all of your data usage being restricted.

This will mean that you will see maximum achievable speeds slowed, significantly at peak times, beyond any normal speed fluctuations that will be encountered on the network by way of overall customer traffic.

(a) The Fair Usage Policy is designed by each satellite operator to enable the highest quality internet service and the most consistent customer experience as measured across all customers. The implementation of the FUP determines the management of your satellite broadband service to prevent any unfair and/or unacceptable use of the network by individual customers as determined by the satellite operator. You are subject to this FUP throughout the term of your contract with us.

(c) At all times, the satellite operator will measure the volume of inbound and outbound data generated by your system. This data volume is usually aggregated over one or more specific periods e.g. peak time, daily, weekly or monthly. If any specified threshold has been reached (including standard monthly data limit) or the data volume is considered excessive by us over any time period as compared to average users, you may be classified as a “Heavy User”. As a result, the upload and download speed of your Service may be actively managed and may also be restricted (sometimes referred to as deprioritising or throttling). This will be most active at peak usage times. These restrictions will be automatically removed once you are no longer classified as a Heavy User.

(d) The FUP thresholds will normally depend upon your tariff. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fully aware of the thresholds within the FUP for your chosen tariff.

(e) FUP policies and restrictions are ultimately governed and controlled solely by each satellite operator and we cannot change any restriction or traffic management applied to your service due to the breach of any relevant FUP thresholds in place at any time.

(f) The satellite operator has the right to implement changes to the FUP from time to time, where it is judged, in their sole reasonable opinion that such changes will be to the benefit of any relevant user group as a whole. In normal circumstances, we will promptly update the website once notified.

(g) If you reach or exceed your data cap then your broadband connection will be halted. When you hit your data limit you have the choice to upgrade to the next tariff, purchase a data bolt-on or you can wait until your data refresh date on the 1st of the month. It is worth noting that no reduced speed option is available.