No need to go native for your holiday home broadband

30th June 2017

Many may assume it’s easier to get holiday home broadband from a provider in the country where your holiday home is located. But the reality is, working with a company from home that can provide the same service is so much easier.

Why struggle with language barriers, monetary conversion rates, and year-long contracts when it’s not necessary? Wouldn’t working with a company that can offer flexible schemes, monthly upgrades or downgrades and English-speaking advisors make your holiday more like, well, a holiday?

Why work with a UK company

No one understands UK expats living in other countries like a UK company. Bigblu has English-speaking customer service advisers available for our clients who do not speak French, who will help guide you to select the best scheme and set-up for your holiday home. Bigblu also allows our customers to pay however is most convenient for them, with either Pounds or Euros.

Holiday home broadband tariffs

For UK expats in France, we offer free downgrades between tariffs. Why is this important? Assuming you stay at your holiday home only one or two months out of the year, you can upgrade for the month for faster speeds. Then when you’re ready to head home, you can downgrade as needed to avoid paying a higher tariff when you are not on holiday.

Advantages of a lower tariff

For those who would like to monitor their holiday home when they are back in the UK, rather than paying a premium surcharge for the limited time you are there, you can lower your tariff to just £9.99 per month when it’s not in use. This tariff will give you 3gbs so even with the lower tariff, you can still remotely monitor your holiday home via CCTV from your everyday home.

Monitoring your home while you’re away can benefit you twofold. First, you can see what’s going on when you’re not there. Security is of the utmost importance. Worried that you failed to turn the lights off when you left to return home after your holiday? The other benefit is that if your holiday home is tech-enabled, you can remotely control your utilities from wherever you are in the world.

Why satellite broadband?

For those that reside in areas that are considered ‘zones blanches’, this is the best and most reliable choice. There is no need to deal with old phone lines or slow speeds.

Most on vacation still require internet access to check their emails, world news, or whatever other things they need to feel still connected to the outside world. With streaming television services gaining popularity, having reliable, high-speed internet has transitioned from merely luxury to necessity everywhere from home, to vacation, to our mobile devices.

Although this is not a service that would benefit serious gamers or file sharing, as this is your holiday home, hopefully, you’ll be relaxing and enjoying your holiday and ignoring those work emails.