All plans include

Risk-free connection

If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 14 days of installation and get a full refund on purchased hardware.

Maximum coverage

Our 4G, ultra-fast fixed wireless satellite broadband, multi-technology capability means we reach where others can’t.

FREE support

We offer free 7-days a week technical support when other providers charge for this service.

Price promise

You won't find a better deal anywhere else, but if you do, we'll match any like-for-like tariff. Simple as that.

About 4G

4G is the fourth generation of mobile network technology. It was created to replace 3G and offers a connection that is more reliable and delivers much higher speeds.

Your new 4G network is, in essence, a really sophisticated radio system. The base station masts you see dotted about the countryside (they look like a poor man’s Eiffel Tower) use the radio frequency spectrum to broadcast to your router or antenna.

The technology behind 4G allows greater amounts of data than ever before to be crammed onto your network’s slice of radio bandwidth, which reduces latency (the amount of time taken to connect to webpages) and minimises interference. 4G is able to broadcast on lower range frequencies, which essentially means it can carry all the data you need further and more securely than ever before.

With 4G you are able to connect as many devices as you like but bear in mind the more devices connected may slow your broadband speed.

4G is the perfect option for versatility and transportability. It can provide you with the flexibility for to take your 4G broadband router to a different location within the UK.

Fair Use Policy

The fair use policy (FUP) system is a network management tool that uses advanced technology to monitor how much of the finite network data and bandwidth resource is being used by each user. Quite simply, the policy is designed to make sure all our customers get the service you expect and that you are paying for and that no one is gobbling up too much data and ruining connectivity for the rest of us.

The tool uses specific algorithms to identify disproportionate use and that is then gradually restricted by the Fair Use Policy and a higher priority is assigned to end users with a lower volume of consumption.

Please see the legal section in the footer for the FUP that applies to your specific plan.

Getting Connected

4G broadband takes pretty much all of the pain out of installing, maintaining and upgrading the fibre-optic route. There’s virtually no set-up or disruption required at your end. All you need to do is plug in the wireless router that we’ll provide for you and you’re all connected.

If your premises are within range of adequate 4G reception then modem/Wi-fi router is more than sufficient to provide a high-speed broadband connection. We can offer you a Zyxel LTE3302 Indoor router that will provide you with more than enough connection for all of our available download speeds.

If your 4G network connection is not adequate enough we can make available a high-gain external antenna (LTE 7460). One of our engineers will come out to your premises to erect a small (25cm x 25cm x 8cm) external 4G antenna to a suitably facing outside wall.

Service Speeds

Bigblu can connect you to download speeds of up to 20 Mpbs, although this does vary slightly depending on your location in relation to your local 4G network.

What does ‘up to’ mean?

The ‘up to’ speeds which are quoted by all providers across broadband technologies describe the maximum download speed in Megabits per second (Mbps) that you can expect to achieve with that service.

In common with all other broadband technologies, 4G broadband is a ‘contended’ service which means that your speed at any given time is determined by a number of factors including: the server speed of websites you’re using; the number users sharing the network’s bandwidth; and how your home network is setup and the router you use.

Things to Consider

All our 4G broadband packages come with a fixed data allowance per month, which can be used for either downloading, uploading or a mix of the two. If you reach or exceed your data cap then your broadband connection will be halted.

When you hit your data limit you have the choice to upgrade to the next tariff, purchase a data bolt-on or you can wait until your data refresh date on the 1st of the month. It is worth noting that no reduced speed option is available.

Our 4G broadband is only available on a 12-month contract and your account can’t be downgraded within the first three months, although you can upgrade. Your 4G broadband connection can only be used on mainland UK.

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