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Faster speeds

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Europe's number 1 choice for alternative broadband


Prices from just £24.99.

Average speeds starting at 12Mbps, increasing to 36Mbps.

Unlimited data.

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Fixed Wireless

Prices from just £39.99.

Average speeds starting at 22.5Mbps, increasing to 37.5Mbps.

Unlimited data.

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Prices from just £24.99.

Average speeds of 21Mbps.

Up to 200GB data allowance.

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Who we are

We are an international AIM-listed company connecting people, businesses, and professionals to high-speed internet access in hard-to-reach places. Connecting the unconnected.

What our customers are saying

"Bigblu’s technical support and all of their help has been amazing. I think the difference is that everybody at bigblu is committed to making sure your service is good."

What our customers are saying

"My satellite broadband package has been a real life-saver. It used to take me six hours to upload a video to my YouTube channel, as soon as I got onto the satellite it took just 15 minutes."

Why Choose bigblu?

Peace of mind

14 days risk-free guarantee.

Nationwide coverage

Our range of technologies mean we can connect where others can’t.

Local Installers

Reliable network of engineers to help you get up and running.

Price match guarantee

Find our packages lower elsewhere and we’ll match – guaranteed.

Government subsidies

BDUK are offering subsidies if you can’t get fibre.

Unrivalled experience

Over 10 years experience connecting customers around the world to superfast broadband.